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Welcome to the West Yorkshire Branch of the CIPD. Thank you for your interest in our branch and what we do. We aim to support and inspire the ongoing development of our members and create opportunities to exchange ideas and thinking on the evolving people profession.

Our dedicated volunteer committee organises a wide range of events, newsletters, social media activities and specialist groups to engage our members, including those just entering the people profession, experienced practitioners and senior leaders.

Your involvement with the branch is key for us to help design and deliver relevant events, information and resources to support you. If there is anything we can do to help support you, please let me know by emailing the branch.

Jonathan Broadhurst, Chartered FCIPD

Branch Chair

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Our members rate their access to a local branch in their top three membership benefits. Come along to our branch events to discover other CIPD benefits. Explore the issues and trends impacting our profession. Network, learn and share ideas with people professionals in our area. 

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Get involved

The West Yorkshire Branch currently has almost 4,000 members and is split into three geographical Groups - Bradford Group, Huddersfield Group and Leeds Group. Each group organises its own meetings and has its own subcommittee.

The branch organises a programme of events and seminars on a variety of topics from September to July, listed in Eventbrite. The branch events are usually held at different locations as the branch covers a large geographical area or online. We sometimes collaborate with other branches on virtual events, and members from any part of the world are welcome to join.

We're always looking for new branch and group committee members so if you would like to find out what is involved and contribute to the work of the branch, please contact us by email. We elect our committee each summer at our annual meeting but welcome ideas and suggestions for topics to cover at branch events all year round.

Networking and learning

With workshops, round tables, panel discussions and expert speakers, our thought-provoking events cover everything our community needs. Network, learn and stay up to date. 


Keen to get involved, give back or raise your profile? Whatever your skills and interests, learn more about branch volunteering. 

Support for student members

Just starting out on your career? Want to meet experienced people professionals and keep up to date with all the topics you cover in your studies? We’re here for you as you study for your CIPD qualification.  

Student ambassadors

Our student ambassador programme has been created to:

  • Provide an opportunity to connect our members/new members to current university/study provider students.
  • Build brand recognition at our partner universities/study providers.
  • Inspire early careers within HR and membership of the CIPD through personal career story telling, networking, and industry exposure.

CIPD members wishing to be an ambassador will be given a two-hour training session and standardised materials for delivering career talks. This is a fantastic way for members to build up their experience and gather evidence that could contribute to progressing your membership. For more information or to get involved, please contact us by email.


Member-to-member mentoring

We connect members who want to develop new skills and progress their careers with members who have expertise in coaching and mentoring. 

Want to get involved? Got an idea for an event? We want to hear from you!

Email us

Join one of our special interest groups

We bring together people professionals with a common interest to network, share ideas and learn from one another. Please email us if you’d like to join one of our special interest groups.

Public policy group 

This special interest group aims to engage members with public policy matters so that there is an ongoing, two-way dialogue between members and the CIPD on public policy issues. Members can provide useful practical feedback on policy matters and the CIPD can utilise this to inform its responses to Government on consultations and calls for evidence in a People Management and HR context covering all aspects of the work undertaken by people professionals.

Just as it is important for the CIPD to understand what is happening on the ground, it is also equally important for people professionals to be well informed about current and future public policy initiatives, and the plans and aspirations of the Government, to aid transparency and scrutiny of the Government’s work in this area.

If you are interested in high-level strategic discussions on public policy, if you think your involvement will broaden your horizons and if you like the idea of influencing policy and strategy at Government level, then this is the place for you! You can get involved by emailing our branch.

Employment law

Our employment law group is for strategic HR leaders who wish to focus on a mix of live and recent cases. The cases covered are suggested by the group. Attendees are required to participate through questions, advice and conclusions - so this is not an event for observers. Subject matter is chosen by the group, and the event is shaped by the attendees. The group tackles current and emerging issues.

Places for this group are extremely limited (around 12 attendees) and strategic HR leaders based in West Yorkshire will be given priority. Lessons gained through experiential learning in our SIG will help strategic HR leaders to shape strategy within their organisation.

Check out our events page to look for our next employment law SIG meeting.

Independent consultants

We have established a popular special interest group which meets several times per year to discuss and explore ways of working together and building a supportive environment for independent consultants and other freelance people professionals.

These events are popular and receive excellent feedback. Check out our events page to look for the next meeting of our independent consultant group.

Get in touch to find out more. And let us know your ideas for other special interest groups. 

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Ten branches across the North of England form the Northern Branch Network. Together we serve our 30,000 members, delivering local branch events, learning opportunities, professional networks and special interest groups.

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