The experiences of older workers are crucial to organisational success. This toolkit, published in collaboration with the Centre for Ageing Better and REC, helps organisations reap the benefits of being more age-inclusive employers.

What’s included?

The toolkit offers three tools for minimising age bias in the recruitment process:

  • A job advert template.
  • An interview invitation and scheduling form.
  • Guidance on how to talk about flexible working with candidates during the recruitment process.

Download the toolkit

Key actions for age-inclusive recruitment

The toolkit recommends the following actions for age-inclusive recruitment:

  1. Put age into equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
  2. Know your numbers.
  3. Debias your job adverts.
  4. Check your process.
  5. Build awareness and confidence.

Why use the toolkit?

Benefits to age-inclusive recruitment include: 

  • Increasing productivity and knowledge-sharing.
  • Boosting their reputation as an age-inclusive workplace.
  • Mitigating the discrimination felt by older and younger jobseekers alike.
  • Ensuring their organisation is prepared for an ageing workforce.

Download the toolkit

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