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CIPD Ireland Podcast - CIPD Ireland Annual Conference 2024 highlights

Duration: 00:33:24

In this episode of the CIPD Ireland podcast, Meg Dunphy, CIPD Ireland HR Policy & Engagement Manager, presents the highlights from our Annual Conference.

CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton analyses our latest HR Practices in Ireland research while Paul Healy talks about cooperation between ourselves and Skillnet Ireland as we launch the new Sustainable people practices guide.

You'll also hear great leadership insights from a CEO panel as well as an excerpt from conference keynote by the wonderful Deborah Meaden, businesswoman and star of BBC's Dragons Den.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - CIPD Ireland Annual Conference 2024 highlights

Duration: 00:33:24

Dive into this month's podcast episode, where host Lisa Hogan, CIPD Membership Development and Communications Manager, engages in a dynamic conversation with David D'Souza, CIPD Director of Profession.

Together, they unravel the intricacies of CIPD membership, focusing specifically on its value and local offerings within Ireland.

Join us as we explore the benefits that come with CIPD membership and uncover how it can be leveraged to elevate your career journey.

Whether you're seeking to maximize your professional network or enhance your skill set, this episode offers invaluable insights into how CIPD membership can propel your career forward.

Tune in now to discover the wealth of support and opportunities awaiting you!

CIPD Ireland Podcast – Protected disclosures legislation in Ireland

Duration: 00:48:57

Join us as we discuss protected disclosures legislation in Ireland and specifically the additions to the legislation as per the Amendment Act 2022.

In this informative episode, we're fortunate to have Emmet Whelan, partner at Byrne Wallace LLP, lending his expertise in protected disclosures.

Tune in for a comprehensive breakdown of the original and amended legislation, insights on drafting effective policies and procedures, navigating the nuances between grievances and protected disclosures, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, conducting initial assessments, and the procedural steps involved in a thorough investigation.

Stay informed, stay compliant – listen now!

CIPD Ireland Podcast – Nuances of Budget 2024 for HR

Duration: 00:17:59

Did you catch up on the nuances of Budget 2024 for HR? Tax, USC and PRSI changes? Extended paternity leave? Increased social welfare payments that reduces costs of top-up payments for protective leave? Increased education skills supports for the labour market? Improvements to the Key Employee Engagement Programme?

CIPD Ireland Podcast – AI and the ability to navigate disruption


Join Mary Connaughton, Director of CIPD Ireland, and Olivier Dubuisson, Co-Founder of Rythmik, in our thought-provoking podcast exploring the profound impact AI is having on our rapidly changing world of work.

Delve into the critical themes of curiosity, experimentation, and continual learning, as they emphasise the necessity of these traits in staying ahead in an AI-driven landscape.

Discover how AI is reshaping job roles and structures, fostering a culture of innovation, and expanding its influence across industries. As they navigate the terrain of AI, Mary and Olivier also tackle pressing ethical concerns, shedding light on issues of bias and privacy, and discussing the potential consequences of technology for disadvantaged groups without access.

CIPD Ireland Podcast – CIPD Ireland Annual Conference 2023 (Part 2)

Duration: 00:24:45

Welcome to our second selection of highlights from our 2023 CIPD Ireland Annual Conference at the RDS in Dublin. We’ve chosen some insights on hybrid working and sustainability to share with you as well as a fascinating excerpt from one of our keynote speakers.

You’ll hear contributions on the show from Oliver Dubuisson, co-founder and Chairman of Rythmik who discussed the role of AI and Chat GPT, and an expert panel of speakers including An Post CEO David McRedmond, CFO of Smurfit Kappa Ken Bowles and CEO of Coillte, Imelda Hurley.

CIPD Ireland Podcast – CIPD Ireland Annual Conference 2023 (Part 1)

Duration: 00:31:34

We are delighted to bring you our latest podcast, sharing some of the insights from our 2023 CIPD Ireland Annual Conference at the RDS on 17 May.

On this episode, hosted by Meg Dunphy, you’ll hear from special guest Minister of State Neale Richmond, our Director Mary Connaughton who outlined the findings from this year’s HR Practices in Ireland report and an extract from the keynote speech given by Christoph Bonert from the Josh Bersin Company.

If you joined us on the day, thank you for coming along and if you are hearing these contributions for the first time, we hope you find them useful. Remember you can get in touch any time via

CIPD Ireland Podcast – Attracting and retaining talent through employer branding

Duration: 00:26:51

In this month’s episode, CIPD Midwest Chair Lavinia Duggan spoke to Gillian Horan, CEO and founder of The Pudding, an expert adviser in employer brand supporting private equity groups, large-scale multinationals and SMEs in driving business growth through inside out branding.

In this podcast, we have focused on employer brand strategy and internal/external communications and activation. Join us to learn more about developing a strong employer brand but also about what steps HR professionals/business owners need to take to communicate and activate their employer brand.

CIPD Ireland Podcast – Building a work culture where women's careers thrive

Duration: 00:34:21

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, CIPD Ireland Midlands Region hosted a podcast with Breda McCague - Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Motivator, and Transformational Specialist, and Micheál Fitzpatrick - Boston Scientific's People Leader, Lecturer, and Public Speaker.

Listen to this episode where they discussed women feeling empowered in the workplace and being ‘unapologetically awesome’ as well as the value of mentoring and lots of examples of organisations taking initiative and tailoring creative solutions for their businesses.


CIPD Ireland Podcast - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Duration: 34:21

In this episode, CIPD Ireland HR Policy & Engagement Manager, Meg Dunphy, spoke to Lutfur Ali, Senior Policy Advisor Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation at CIPD, where they discussed the main considerations for EDI in the workplace.

Key takeaways were the importance of Allyship and us all taking personal responsibility for ensuring our own behaviour and the accepted culture is one of respect and support and calling out anything less.

CIPD Ireland Podcast: Highlights of the CIPD-IRN Pay and Employment practices survey 2022

Duration: 27:03

In this month’s episode, hear CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton sharing the key findings of the CIPD-IRN Pay and Employment practices survey 2022.

Our research published in conjunction with IRN shows the fight to keep staff is contributing to pay increases as three-quarters (76%) of employers view employee retention as one of the biggest drivers of pay policy.

Hear the podcast and read the full report here.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Financial Wellbeing

Duration: 25:39

In this month’s episode, CIPD Ireland HR Policy and Engagement Manager Meg Dunphy spoke to Ian Milton, Senior Director of Work & Rewards at WTW, where they discussed the cost-of-living crisis, and trends in reward and recognition.

Hear how important financial wellbeing can be as a differentiating factor for employers wanting to support and alleviate financial distress.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Duration 00:35:03

CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton joined Mary Cullen, Founder/Managing Director of Insight HR, and Eoin Lyons, Communications Manager of Insight HR.

In this special episode, Mary Connaughton discussed Gender Pay Gap Reporting, the journey so far, how businesses can prepare for reporting, and key advice on how your company can help tackle the Gender Pay Gap.

Hear the podcast and take a look at this example of a Gender Pay Report from CIPD, which looks behind CIPD's gender pay gap data and our long-term commitment to closing the gap.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Annual Conference 2022 (Part 2)

Duration 00:19:50

CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton introduces further highlights from our Annual Conference. We’ve included a number of ways in which equality and inclusion got addressed through the day.

Hear insights from guests including Lutfur Ali, CIPD Senior Policy Advisor, CIPD’s Chief Executive, Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of Iarnrod Eireann/Irish Rail, Jim Meade and some of our brilliant panelists from Lidl, Letsgetchecked, HiBob, and LinkedIn!

You’ll hear them discussing the challenge of driving a strategic approach to HR, concepts of digital transformation and menstrual leave, the equality-based issues you need to be aware of in your organisation and more.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Annual Conference 2022 Highlights (Part 1)

Duration 00:31:20

CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton is presenting some highlights of our Annual Conference at the RDS, hosted by Colette Fitzpatrick.

This episode features an update on our HR Practices in Ireland research, an excerpt from a panel discussion featuring Chief Executive of United Hardware Paul Candon, a catch up with Professor Na Fu of TCD and an inspirational keynote presentation from former GAA President John Horan.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Current Challenges: Discussing Resourcing And Talent Management Issues

Duration 00:10:02

Within this episode CIPD Ireland Director Mary Connaughton discusses the changing labour market in Ireland and the challenges of a tight labour market.

Mary will also share some of the related findings from the 2022 HR practices in Ireland survey with relation to skills shortages.

Find out why the “great resignation” may be a myth in the Irish market and hear what some organisations are doing to help deal with some of these issues.

CIPD Ireland Podcast - Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

Duration 00:11:01

This episode was recorded in celebration of International Women’s Day 2022.

We are delighted to have in conversation Mary Connaughton, Director of CIPD Ireland and Alison Hodgson, Vice President of People at Virgin Media Ireland and Chair of the CIPD Ireland Board of Directors.

For this special episode Mary and Alison discussed the changes the pandemic has brought about to the inclusion agenda, the impact it has had on women’s careers and the 2022 International Women’s Day theme Breaking the Bias.

Digital by default – the remote working model adopted by Shopify

Duration 00:28:44

Recorded in November 2021, this episode hosted by the CIPD Ireland Midlands region, looks at a case study of Shopify’s ‘digital by default’ company model.

In this episode regional committee members, Aine Clehane Talent Acquisition Specialist at Boston Scientific and Marta Kenny Human Resources Advisor at Sidero, spoke with Adrienne Kiely, Talent Development Programme Manager from Shopify about the company’s model as well as her own role and home working.

Financial wellness and how it fits into a successful employee wellness programme

Duration 00:30:52

This episode is kindly brought to you by the CIPD Ireland Midlands region.

The session was recording in December 2021 and hosted by Orlaith Martin, HR Support with Integra Lifesciences Ireland and Emma Woods HR Services Manager with Collins McNicholas Recruitment and HR Services group.

For this episode Orlaith and Emma spoke to Nick Lawlor Managing Director of Employee Financial Wellness and Director of the Wellness Crew to discuss the topic of financial wellness.

During this conversation, Nick provided a lot of practical information and advice for employers and HR Professionals about how financial wellness fits into a successful employee wellness programme.


CIPD Ireland - Dell Technologies: lessons learned from remote and flexible working

Duration 00:15:45

This episode of the CIPD Ireland podcast series is brought to you by the CIPD Ireland Midwest region.

In this episode, Midwest committee member Professor Christine Cross Head of Department of Work & Employment Studies in the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick is joined by Dell Technologies Limerick HR site lead Jemma Carty to discuss what Dell have learned about remote working.

Dell Technologies have been at the forefront of remote and flexible working for many years.

Recorded during the summer of 2021, Christine and Jemma explore some of the key learnings from Dell that other organisations can benefit from, now that more are offering remote and flexible working options as a result of the pandemic.

Understanding the impact of digital work on mental health wellbeing

Duration 00:49:48

At CIPD Ireland we listen to what our members tell us you need and respond to those needs in lots of different ways. Today’s podcast, 15 October 2021, looks at a very timely and critical topic – how to understand the impact of digital work on mental health wellbeing.

We’ve all lived and experienced the major shifts in how many of our organisations work now and as Ireland’s economy and workplaces are beginning to reopen we know it’s never been more important to consider this topic and how we are the HR and people profession can continue to support in this changing world of work.

Joining CIPD Ireland’s Jane McDonald are Jake Young, CIPD research expert and co-author of the CIPD evidence review examining the impact of digital working on mental health and wellbeing and Dr Na Fu associate professor of human resource management at Trinity Business School, TCD who will be sharing insights on digital fatigue from her work and research.

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