Gaining an understanding of behavioural science can help develop HR management, reward systems, and ultimately deliver effective organisation performance.

Explore our resources to find out how behavioural insights can be applied to your workplace to help improve leadership, communication and learning. Listen to our podcasts to discover the behavioural science trends and how to apply the latest research to your organisation.


Research and analysis by experts from CIPD and partner organisations

2 Reports about Behavioural science
Our minds at work: the behavioural science of HR
Reviews the wider applications of behavioural science insights into how our minds work, and their direct relevance to key HR issues
Neuroscience: applying insight to L&D practice
Explores how findings from behavioural science are influencing the learning and development and the HR profession


Listen to episodes from our podcast series on a range of topical workplace, HR and L&D issues.

2 Podcasts about Behavioural science
Adopting a growth mindset: Soundbite or science?
Episode 180: Looking beyond the buzzword, what does ‘growth mindset’ actually mean, what are its purported benefits, and how can individuals and organisations develop and nurture it?
Motivation: sustaining the energy in your workforce
Episode 177: The experience of the pandemic has been a testing time mentally, physically and emotionally for everyone. So, when motivation doesn’t always come too easily, how can people professionals find a way to recharge both themselves and reignite that spark among the workforce?

Evidence review

Evidence reviews enable you to ask the critical questions and use evidence for better decision-making.

1 Evidence review about Behavioural science
Evidence review
A head for hiring: the behavioural science of recruitment
Provides practical tips for avoiding bias in recruitment, attracting applicants, improving the candidate experience, and making better hiring decisions

Bitesize research

Your regular overview of current research, inspiring insights and cutting-edge ideas in bitesize

1 Bitesize research about Behavioural science
Bitesize research
What drives commitment to the HR profession?
Discover the implications of this research for managers
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