Many of our members have been able to gain a lot from volunteer roles as trustees, school governors, Enterprise Advisers and non-executive directors. Benefits include:

  • Preparing for your next career move
  • Fast tracking your executive career
  • Being rewarded emotionally for playing an active role in the success of an organisation
  • Contributing your talents and skills to a board
  • Learning new skills and gaining new experiences
  • Broadening your network
  • Enjoying independence and more flexibility
  • Giving something back to a good cause

What type of volunteering helps to develop strategic skills?

Many of our members tell us how that their volunteer role enhances their own strategic skills, particularly if there isn’t the opportunity to do so in their current role/organisation.  For example, being a trustee allows you to work as part of a Board, offering advice to charities to help them to govern and to strategise better.  Increasingly charity boards are looking for People professionals to support them as many have little/no HR representation within their organisations.

Similarly undertaking the role of school governor or volunteering as an Enterprise Adviser allows you to work strategically with the school board or act as a mentor for the careers leaders.

For more information on trustee opportunities you can look at charity job boards for available opportunities, contact a charity you know well locally or visit the Charity Commission website for more information on becoming a trustee.

If you’re considering a role as a school governor you may wish to look at these websites for more information and potential volunteer roles.  Or visit our Enterprise Adviser page for more information on how you can volunteer your skills to help schools prepare the next generation for the world of work.  

Olukemi Jeboda, NED, Enterprise Adviser
and mentor

There’s plenty of opportunities out there – but here’s one of our members, Olukemi Jeboda, talking about what she gets from her voluntary roles as a NED, Enterprise Adviser and mentor.

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